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Internet is one of the best ways of doing Job Search. It’s convenient, easy and at your fingertips. Many companies also advertise for recruitment for their prospective employees on their websites.

Search parameters can be given in the numerous Job Search sites and one can even apply online for these jobs. One of the largest employers in the United States is the Federal Government.

It has thousands of Federal Jobs listing. These sites offer a variety of features, which include resume builder, where one can build their resumes online, search options, which can be basic or have advanced features. They also give links to various placement agencies and recruitment firms as well as give thousands of company listing.

The listing for Federal Jobs can found on its official website. Job Search sites are many and the correct parameters must be given to find a job of one’s choice, qualifications and preferences. Federal Jobs also comprise of the United States Marine Corps, Marine Reserves as well as the ROTC.

It is estimated that 3000 United States Marine would be added in the near future. Many of them would be recruited from the ROTC across the country. Both men and women form a part of the Marines and they are well known for their commitment and bravery in the war zones and during peacekeeping missions. Recently they are been deployed in Iraq.

ROTC schools graduates are recruited further into the Army, Navy and The Air Force. Marine Reserves are a part of the United States Marine and their official website is .

Get Your Army Active & Reserve Info Here.